Love & Marriage

September 11, 2018

Attorney Leah D. Setzen of Grunyk Family Law and Wealth Advisor Christina Castrejon, CFP® touch on issues too important to go unaddressed concerning marriage and divorce.

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How Time Can Warp Money

July 10, 2018

“I want it now, please!” We explore the cognitive bias of immediate gratification (versus delayed gratification) and its impact in shaping our financial future.

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Trusts & Estates

May 17, 2018

Too often, trust and estate planning decisions are misunderstood by beneficiaries. In this article, we discuss practicals to help ensure that “trusts don’t imply mistrust.”

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Building and Maintaining Credit

April 12, 2018

Credit is a powerful tool. Learning to use it effectively should be handed down through generations, which means helping your young adults get started on the right path.

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Money & Wealth Conversations

February 27, 2018

Money talk can be awkward between generations, so we asked our experts for ideas on teaching children sound money attitudes and preparing young adults for stewardship.

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Real Estate through a Generational Lens

January 15, 2018

Questions about real estate arise at every life stage, so we asked our experts to list considerations for people in three categories: starting out, middle aged, and retired.

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