Steps To Take When A Loved One Passes

June 17, 2020

To assist with this difficult time, we have organized a timeline with key action steps to reduce transition complications and ensure more stability for the survivors.

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Create a Family Mission Statement

November 6, 2019

Even if you remain skeptical about mission statements in the corporate world, open your mind to the possibility that a mission statement could help your family.

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Common College Funding Pitfalls

September 11, 2019

Take care to avoid common pitfalls in funding higher education that can result in forfeiting substantial tax benefits or paying far higher bills than anticipated.

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Love & Marriage

September 11, 2018

Attorney Leah D. Setzen of Grunyk Family Law and Wealth Advisor Christina Castrejon, CFP® touch on issues too important to go unaddressed concerning marriage and divorce.

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How Time Can Warp Money

July 10, 2018

“I want it now, please!” We explore the cognitive bias of immediate gratification (versus delayed gratification) and its impact in shaping our financial future.

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