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Gifts to Family and Charities During Your Lifetime

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of clients make substantial gifts to children and charities during their lifetimes,so they can see and participate in the benefits.

For example, some parents choose to support an adult child’s purchase of a home that allows the child and his or her family to live closer to the parents than would otherwise be possible. If you are considering making a substantial gift, this installment of Family Matters can help you address practical considerations and avoid common pitfalls.

We created the Family Matters insight series to spark ideas and spur conversation among family members on a wide range of important financial topics. They’re purposely written as a primer for more in-depth discussions with your Calamos Wealth Management advisor on how the matters presented will apply to you and your family’s unique situation. We hope you find that the multi-generational lens by which topics are revealed promote pass-along readership to multiple family members. Your Calamos Wealth Management advisor is available to all members of your family to provide guidance on matters you care about most.

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