Founder’s Corner: Interview at 2018 Milken Global Investment Conference

2 May 2018

John P. Calamos, Sr. Interviewed by CNBC at 2018 Milken Global Investment Conference

Our founder, John P. Calamos, Sr. was interviewed yesterday by CNBC at the 2018 Millken Global Investment Conference. “The good news is that we’re talking about the level of growth—is it going to be 3%, is it going to be 4%, is it going to be 5%? We’re not talking about a recession coming.” John stated.

During the discussion, John also provided his perspective on the Feds move on interest rates, stating, “If the banks had the ability to be loaning out more money, especially the small or the mid-size banks, that creates jobs. That’s what’s been lacking over the last 10 years—small business being able to go to banks to get loans. Large businesses can go to the markets, that’s no problem.”

He also spoke to changes to the regulatory environment, sharing that deregulation is across all sectors and can be a very positive influence on the market.  The interview is available for viewing here.