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Investment Insights: Market Commentary - January 2020

14 January 2020

The 2019 college and NFL football seasons brought quite a few interesting match-ups to intrigue sports fans. 

Tiger vs Tiger: The 2019 national champion Clemson Tigers took on the LSU Tigers and the unmatched play of its quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

Experience vs. Youth: With New England Patriots’ Tom Brady out in the wild card round of playoffs, it was up to Green Bay’s veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers (age 36) to potentially face the younger quarterbacks of Tennessee, San Francisco, and Kansas City.   

On an economic and investment markets front, we have witnessed and endured many face-offs in recent times and new ones are upon us. While the age-old question of whether the U.S. will encounter a recession still lingers, there are many issues favorably lining up for global economies and markets.


Read more about these topics along with recap of the markets and what may be in store as we head into 2020.

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