Investment Insights

Investment Insights: Behind The Numbers - Episode 3

10 May 2019

Podcast recorded 05/08/2019.

This week on Behind the Numbers, Frazer Rice, Sr. Wealth Strategist at Calamos Wealth Management is joined by Matt Freund, Co-CIO and Head of Fixed Income at Calamos Investments to discuss current market uncertainty and his perspective on what to expect in the months ahead. In light of the Fed’s most recent decision to keep rates level, Matt provides context and his views on the resulting market impact of the Fed’s new practice of more transparency in their decision-making process.

As investors speculate the health of the US economy, Matt highlights the importance of also looking into global financial conditions.  The perspective that “...the US sneezes and the world catches a cold” has shifted and one must consider the effects of global economies to fully understand where the US economy stands.  However, he cautions that measuring global financial growth is not always easy to quantify.