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Investment Insights: A Reminder on Capital Gains from Mutual Funds

4 November 2021

Mutual funds are required by law to distribute nearly all of the net realized capital gains that occurred during their fiscal year. The net realized capital gains is the sum of all gains, less losses, from securities sold during the fiscal year. October 31st is the fiscal year-end for most mutual funds and these distributions are typically paid to investors in November and December as cash. Gains typically are a result of a successful investment strategy over that 12-month period.

What to expect when mutual fund capital gains are distributed to you:

As an example, a mutual fund has a net asset value (NAV) of $100 when the investor purchases it. Over time, the fund gains 10% and the investor’s total value is $110. Later in the year, the fund declares a 10% capital gain distribution. The investor will receive the 10% capital gain distribution in the form of cash to their money market account and see a corresponding 10% decline in the NAV of the fund. Importantly, the investors total return remains unchanged at 10% with a corresponding $110 in the account.


When reviewing your statement keep these thoughts in mind. The total return for any security must consider the current market value (reflected by the NAV x shares owned) AND capital gain distributions received. Additionally, charts and prices on various internet sites may not reflect these distributions. It can be confusing at first, but if the NAV (or, price of the fund) drops more than what you might expect from market activity, remember to check if a distribution has been paid.

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